Welcome to India. The year is 3477.

Now in preproduction, Aladdin 3477 is a live-action movie set nearly 1500 years in the future. Based on the classic tale "Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp," this unique spin from visionary Matt Busch looks and feels more like "Star Wars" in its epic scale.

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Latest News from India, 3477.

A Peek at the ALADDIN 3477 Cast and Crew Party!

ecently, a Cast and Crew party was held to celebrate the upcoming live-action shoot for Aladdin 3477! Principle Photography is just weeks away, and what a better way to kick it off than for Director Matt Busch and his wife, Producer Lin Zy (who is also playing the character Oomi in the film) to throw a bash at their home studios ...

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aleidoscope Koi Entertainment has just announced that Actor Jerry Hayes is playing the part of Sultan Shivali in Aladdin 3477, shooting in Michigan this summer! Writer/Director Matt Busch is excited about what Hayes brings to the table. "Jerry is a well-respected actor in the community. He's so good!" Busch comments, "And he definitely brings class to the film. A perfect piece of the puzzle I'm trying to create." Rather than ...

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Meet Erik Steele: the new face of Aladdin!

rik Steele is a name and face you may not have seen before, but one you will soon get to know well as he has been cast as the charming thief in the new live-action sci-fi version of the Arabian Nights tale: Aladdin 3477. Competition for the role was fierce, as a large percentage of over 10,000 applicants who submitted to the casting call were actors hoping to nab the ...

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MARCH 2014 Update with MATT BUSCH

From the desk of Director Matt Busch, here's a new ALADDIN 3477 update! Hi everyone! We are 2 months away from Principle Photography! Lot's going on, so here's what's happening on all fronts. **The biggest news is that we have finally secured our Soundstage! The facility is incredible, and I couldn't be happier with it. Located in Clinton Township, Michigan, this 4,500 square foot industrial unit will serve as our production ...

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he first official casting for Aladdin 3477 to be announced is the lovely and talented Christi Perovski, who will be playing the lead role of Princess Kamala! She has been modeling since she was 11 years old and acting since she was 14. Christi has been in a number of independent films as well as movies like Whip It starring Drew Barrymore and Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly. Christi is one ...

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The official Facebook page for Aladdin 3477 has just hit 10,000 "Likes"! With Facebook being the premiere social network on the 'net, the Aladdin 3477 page shares tons of photos, some video and even some exclusive material you won't see anywhere else. In fact, to celebrate hitting 10,000 "Likes" the Facebook page recently shared an exclusive tidbit announcement about the movie before revealed to anyone else! To see what was announced ...

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