Is this really the story of Aladdin, just set in the future?

Aladdin 3477 is in fact based on the Arabian Nights classic tale Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp. The original story is large in scope, but short on details, told in only two dozen pages or so. The original Aladdin story is also much darker than current fairy tale versions; filled with betrayal, treachery and assassination.

While this version of Aladdin certainly stems from the original storyline, the basic premiss is where it ends here. Matt Busch’s script soars to completely different horizons. Aladdin 3477 is filled with new characters, exotic locales, dramatic storytelling, wondrous technology, thought-provoking philosophy, and plenty of action.

Is Aladdin 3477 a musical?

Nope. No singing. This version is a whole new world. (No pun intended.)

That said, Aladdin 3477 is pulse-pounding adventures that will be as much candy for your ears as it will your eyes. A lot of effort is going into making the music and audio alone an incredible work of art.

So wait, this is 3 movies?

That is correct. Similar to how The Lord of the Rings trilogies were produced, the Aladdin 3477 trilogy is being filmed back to back to back. Principle photography on all 3 films is expected to wrap in early 2019. Once the first film is released, the second two will likely be released a year apart.

Abu is my favorite character! Is he in this?

Sadly, Abu is a character created for Disney’s versions, and he is exclusive to their property. Other Disney-owned characters you will not see in this live-action movie are Iago, Razoul, and Rajah. While there certainly is a princess and grand vizier in the original Aladdin story, Princess Jasmine and Jafar are also a specific Disney characters by name you won’t be seeing here.

But we have robots! While the loss of some animated fan-favorites may be a bummer, you can be rest assured that Aladdin 3477 has plenty of new colorful characters, concepts, and story arcs you will love. We’re aiming to deliver a new Aladdin for a new generation; the best Aladdin experience yet!

Matt Busch often stars in his projects. Is he playing Aladdin?!

No. Matt will not be playing any of the characters or having any cameos. He is instead focusing behind-the-scenes to make Aladdin 3477 the best cinematic experience he can.

What's up with the future in this series being so far ahead? Some of the designs look pretty low-tech for 3477.

The story is set against a backdrop of several societies dealing with various technologies, old and new, in different ways. In short, this movie will show a variety of industrial sciences: from the streamlined and fantastical, to hodge-podge mechanics that look like they were hot-wired and duct taped together.

Can't wait to see these! When do they come out?

The movies are still in production, but aiming to begin releasing in 2019. Like, Follow, and Friend us on social media to stay up-to-date on when and where you can see it!

What company is putting this out?

The Aladdin 3477 trilogy is produced by Kaleidoscope Koi Entertainment, LLC. At this time there is no official distributor, though offers have already been made. The producers are holding off until the movies are completed before signing a deal and delivering the epic project to you!

Can I be in your movie?

The open casting call for main characters is over, however we are currently looking for extra and featured extra roles. Be sure to see the “Join” page for more.

This looks cool! Can I help? How can I be a part of the crew?

We usually welcome any help we can get, and depending on experience, we even have paid positions available. Check out the “Join” section of the site!

None of these answered my question. Can I send an email?

Sure. Depending, we may not be able to answer in a timely manner, but email inquiries are certainly welcome. Be sure to also hook up with us on various social media on our “Contact” page as you may get a response from us quicker through those channels.

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