FiXT Music Record Label has just released the Klayton 2017 Calendar, and it features the multi-instrumentalist standing on one of the Hong Kong sets for Aladdin 3477!

Klayton is the brain-child of three highly regarded music acts: Celldweller, Circle of Dust and Scandroid. His music can be heard in feature films and movie trailers such as Deadpool, John Wick and the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight and video games such as Killer Instinct and Dead Rising. No stranger to sci-fi, Klayton also runs Outland, a futuristic art clothing line, and has even produced a cyberpunk novel titled Blackstar.

This isn’t the first time Busch and Klayton have collaborated. In 2015, Busch illustrated the “End of an Empire” comic book, based on the critically acclaimed Celldweller album of the same name. A year prior, Klayton produced a three-part video tour of Busch’s home studios as part of his Online Cellevision series on YouTube.

Blue Stahli, a music artist on Klayton’s FiXT music label has filmed a cameo for Aladdin 3477. Aladdin 3477 stars Erik Steele and Christi Perovski, is produced by Lin Zy and will wrap filming in early 2018.

You can order the Klayton 2017 Calendar from the FiXT Store here:

See Klayton tour Matt Busch’s art studio on Cellevision below!

Stay tuned for more!

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