Aladdin 3477 is a huge character ensemble movie. The drama, action, and multiple storylines are epic, so here’s your chance to catch up on some of the characters you’ll meet.

Aladdin Bhaskara

A scrappy thief from Hong Kong, Aladdin longs for a classier, more posh lifestyle than the hodge-podge one he currently lives in the year 3477. He collects vintage junk and often finds creative ways to make something new out of something old.

Actor Erik Steele nabbed the role of Aladdin from nearly 10,000 applicants worldwide who submitted for the part. The opportunity is a dream-come-true, as he grew up with the Aladdin animated films and TV show, as well as the video games. Today, Steele is no stranger to the entertainment industry, working on both sides of the camera. You can find out more about Erik Steele HERE.

Princess Kamala

The beautiful daughter of Sultan Ajit Shivali, Kamala is often referred to as the Princess of India. Living in the Taj Mahal (which now hovers in the sky) Kamala is a royal celebrity who prefers meaning over money and craves a life of adventure.

Actress Christi Perovski portrays the lovely Princess Kamala. Playing a lead role in a Aladdin film is also a dream of Christi’s, as she grew up a huge fan of Disney’s Princess Jasmine character. The professional actress has already been in movies like Whip It starring Drew Barrymore and Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly. You can find out more about Christi Perovski HERE.


Aladdin built his sidekick robot, Fidgi, out of a vintage radio spare parts. Quite the sarcastic machine, Aladdin has Fidgi’s phonic harmonizer set to meoldic tones instead of audible speech. But make no mistake, anyone nearby has no problem understanding what Fidgi has to say.

Fidgi was first created by Writer/Director Matt Busch nearly 25 years ago in a graphic novel called Kastar Shandax. Fidgi was the sidekick of an intergalactic con artist. The robot has evolved over the years into Aladdin 3477 and today is puppeteered on camera by Busch himself. “People always ask if I’ll be playing someone in the movie.” comments Busch, “I do. I play Fidgi.”


Be sure to check back frequently as more characters will be added in the coming months!

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