Writer/Director Matt Busch casually announced on his Instagram account not only has the first(!) Aladdin 3477 wrapped principle photography, but the second two films(!) would be wrapped by early next year!

Based on the Facebook reaction to the news, this was a welcome shock, but insiders on the production have known this for years. According to Busch, “We’ve actually known for a long time. We were waiting for the right moment to formally announce it, but we’ve been so busy making these that the years have kind of just passed by. Having wrapped the first one, now is as good a time as any to share the news!”

The notion to film a trilogy of movies all at once is not a new one. Both of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies were filmed back to back to back. The same happened for the second two films of both the Matrix and Back to the Future trilogies. For fans, this allows for the films to be released much closer together, as opposed to the Star Wars or Indiana Jones trilogies where the films were typically 3 years apart.

Busch added another beneficial reason, “Part of it was- once we built a cool set, we had to destroy it to build the next one. So if there were any sequels, we would have had to recreate many of the sets from scratch… Super difficult for a small group of peeps like us to do, as many of the set pieces were a one-of-a-kind deal… It just made sense to go all in Ala Lord of the Rings style.”

While this answers some meaty questions fans have been wondering (the biggest being, why is it taking so long to make a single movie?) this does raise more curiosities. What will each of these films be called? Now that the first movie has wrapped filming, when can we expect a release? How long will we have to wait in between each film? Hopefully, concrete answers are on the way.

Busch has recently claimed that a big push for the Aladdin 3477 production will happen in January 2019. Stay tuned here and follow us on social media to get the latest!

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